Wedding Ceremony Chair Markers... the easy way.

We simply love flowers and want to show off their beautiful blossoms as much as possible.  That's why we recommend adding chair markers to your ceremony decor.  They can be very simple, but have such a dramatic visual impact as your guests enter the ceremony.   

Besides, we love putting them to work overtime as reception centerpiece accents.  Why not enjoy them throughout the entire event!  Here one of our brides chose to use ceremony chair markers along side a lovely cut glass vase of her blossoms to enhance her centerpieces.

Let us show you how it's done.

Step by step...

Here is the first julep cup from the packaging sleeve.  We buy them by the case.

Using the trusty old drill that we inherited with the purchase of the shop, we simply drill two holes near the top and rear of the cup.  Florists LOVE power tools!  Ask anyone.

Next, thread your favorite wired ribbon through the holes.  We like ours to be on the outside of the front of the cup, to give it the most stability preventing anything from spilling forward.  Wired ribbon works best, as it will not slip or slide as you tie the ribbon securely to the chair.

To keep the ribbon clean and tidy while creating your lovely designs, simply roll the ribbon in a loose loop and secure to the foam with half of a florist wire.  This will keep the ribbon up out of any water that may overflow onto the work surface as you insert the lovely blossoms.

Here we have added our foam and secured the rolled ribbon.

Be sure to measure your foam, leaving space on either side to allow room for the ribbon.   We prefer to use sheer nylon ribbons as they are much more forgiving of water. Nylons repel water and do not wick the water from the design foam as satin or cotton fabric will.  Just be mindful of your ribbon and no staining will occur.

And voila!  So pretty and stylish.

Here is the finished product.  This design contains beautiful Fado roses, Ilse rose sprays and lush premium white hydrangea.

Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Anderson Photography