Hurray for Color!

I love reading other blogs about weddings.  In fact, I try to read one a day to keep up with current trends; steal ideas for future brides and learn every new trick of the trade.  I recently read a blog about "Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Wedding".  I did enjoy much of the suggestions, but found this "expert" to be a bit stunted in her attitudes about color.

The one MUST that just hurt my heart was; "... keep you color palette only in neutral tones.  No guest wants the hot pink and orange you chose to blind them throughout the evening." 

Wait... What!!  

Although soft subtle shades are stunning, why not show your "true colors" and let your personality really shine on your big day?  Don't let anyone tell you what colors are a must or what colors to avoid.  It's YOUR special, amazing, celebration of love.   Paint it your way. 

Some of our current loves...

**The above photos were gathered from Pinterest **