Celebrating a Special Lady ~ Mrs. Jean Clift

When Michele and Charlie Kahle contacted me about displaying Jean’s wedding dress, I was overwhelmed at the honor.  Not only did they bring in her beautiful gown and veil, they shared these amazing photos of her wedding day as well.

It's been almost a year now since Jean left us to join her husband Rorer.  We wanted to take a bit of time this Summer to remember, reminisce and celebrate Mrs. Jean Clift.  

Although many of you in our community had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Clift as a caring teacher or loving friend, I met her while directing weddings with local brides.  When working in Hot Springs with The Jefferson, Florist to The Homestead, I had the opportunity to chat with Mrs. Clift many times.  She was a classy, stylish woman who genuinely cared that every detail of her bride’s day was as perfect as could be.  If she was your Wedding Director, you knew there would be no worries.

Do you have stories of your times with Mrs. Clift?    Did Jean direct your wedding?  I know she touched so many of our lives here in the Alleghany Highlands.  Share your stories with us and help us celebrate this special lady!