Nancy & Jim - April 14, 2018 Hot Springs, VA

Love has no age.


I was so thrilled when I took Nancy's call about her April 14th wedding.  As we chatted, she told me a little bit about herself and Jim.  Meeting at a local car wash, they discovered at this time in life they were once again single both having lost their spouses a few years back.  This stylish, amazing pair just clicked and decided to explore the rest of their lives as a couple.   As Nancy described her thoughts for the wedding she wanted to focus on family and friends choosing to have an intimate celebration in The Tower Suite of The Omni Homestead Resort. 

photo by Keely Massie Photography

photo by Keely Massie Photography



No matter the age, every couple deserves a beautiful celebration when committing themselves to one another, to family and to love.



The wedding party was just Nancy, Jim and the grandchildren.  Nancy was uncertain in the beginning if she should even carry a bouquet.  The grandchildren would be wearing and carrying flowers, so I assured her, she needed flowers as well.  She choose a petite rose bouquet that I felt truly reflected her classic style.  The ceremony was simply adorned with flowers for the mantle and softened with ferns.  Nancy entrusted the reception decor to me.  Letting me know she loved the idea of Spring flowers with a warm atmosphere for the single long table they would use for dinner.   I immediately fell in love with Nancy and Jim and knowing I wanted to make this evening extra special to reflect their sweet spirits and found romance. 


We were more than happy to partner with Jonathan Willen and Vintage Affairs, LLC to procure these one of a kind vintage silver vessels and amazing silver candelabra.  The special attention to detail really set off the beautiful blossoms and brought a warmth to the room.  Although hosted in a resort hotel, when guest entered the dining room, they were transported into an intimate family setting that dressed as if it were in the couples own home.  We love the Tower Suite for the cozy feel and atmosphere.


What an honor to design a beautiful space for such a special celebration!  Working with such lovely people, beautiful flowers and spaces...  that's why we love our job!