June Wedding Season

Now that wedding season is in full swing each day of the week is filled with plans, preparation and amazing designs.

Country Garden Weddings Design Studio.jpg

Monday we begin receiving lovely blossoms for the weekend's events.  We begin by carefully unpacking each bloom.  (It's almost as fun as Christmas!!)  We then prepare water mixed with the perfect amount of preservative solution so that we can give each stem a fresh cut and get them re-hydrated.  After allowing them to remain in the design studio the needed amount of time to open to just the perfect stage, we store them in our cooler to keep them fresh and beautiful until they are ready to show off.


Tuesday and Wednesday are spent pulling all the rental items we need.  We prepare boxes and bags for delicate items that will be transported to the venue.  

Then Thursday and Friday we are wonderfully busy in the design studio crafting all the beautiful elements of the wedding.  Bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces... oh my!

Before you know it Saturday is here and the magic happens!  Every element we have been prepping, preparing and crafting come together for truly amazing floral accents to this most special day!  How fun it is to see a vision board and printed proposal come to life before our very eyes.  Let's set the stage for the main event!

Then check these lovey images taken by Keely Massie Photography behind the scenes as we were setting up the reception. Beautiful!

Escort Card Table by Country Garden Weddings.jpg
Head Table Garland by Country Garden Weddings.jpg
Centerpiece with Eucalyptus by Country Garden Weddings.jpg
Bar Arrangement by Country Garden Weddings.jpg
Tall and Low Centerpieces by Country Garden Florist.jpg