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Work With Us

We love everything about flowers. Our business is basically all about emotions.  We are trusted to convey heartfelt wishes of love, sympathy, healing and joy.  Every design we create, we are mindful of the sender and receiver and why flowers are chosen as this special mode of communication.  We put our hearts into every design, not to mention our whole heart and bodies into weddings and special events.  From the first draft proposal where design inspirations become written descriptions, through the hard work of creating and installing that breath taking display, to lighting each votive candle just before the evening begins.  

There are many important steps in the process and it takes many hands.  Whether you are pulling and tagging rental items, pricking your fingers cleaning and processing each individual blossom and stem, creating sweet chair markers or even washing up charger plates after the event. 

If you are interested in working with us, please fill out this application.